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The ultimate goal of the Active Living Plan and the Nacogdoches Active Living Council is to educate the importance of, and provide access to a safe environment to be physically active for the residences of Nacogdoches County. That no matter the location they reside in, their socio-economic status, their race or ethnicity, the individual has access to be physically active. A result of the residences of Nacogdoches County becoming more physically active, their overall health improves which leads to the rate of heart disease, stroke and some cancers to decrease. From the data presented early in the Active Living Plan, non-communicable diseases rates in Nacogdoches County and Public Health Region 4/5N are a higher compared to other Public Health Regions and the state.    

The need to be physically active takes place in more than just the typically recreational areas. This access needs to be incorporated through all aspects of the individual’s daily life. From where they work, go to school, shop and play, access to an environment that is safe is a necessity. Because what research says is that once it’s an easy choice, it slowly becomes the default choice.        

Healthy Nacogdoches